What a waste

What a waste - photos
2016, 20 x 20 cm each, 9 photos on glass

2017, variable sizes (here L240 x W120 cm), floor installation
fiber waste from the artist's studio
Artist's comment on general and specifically geographical, political and sexual polarization in society.

text accompanying my solo exhibition "What a waste" in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France, September 2017

"Shocked by the textile industry being the second-largest polluter in the world, I decided to (re-)use only material from my studio and save all fiber waste that came with it during the past 3 years.
On my daily walks in the woods I not only photographed general waste for inspiration but put several of these photos on the wall.

Besides scraps I have used old clothes, quilts and embroideries. Cutting them up and using them in my work I thought of all the people who spent hours and hours making them and the lack of appreciation for handwork and craft in our consumer society ("what a waste of time"). People should realize how important the positive impact on a person’s mind during creating is. By using these found materials I want to honour all makers in the world and give their handwork a platform.

Added to this exhibition there is a series of work called "Transgression". This word means, amongst others, ‘passing boundaries’, ‘breaking rules’ and ‘violating (moral) laws’. The world is clearly in turmoil, with people migrating, people reacting to this and possibly surprising themselves. The works in this series show armless figures (the so-called ‘Mimis’). They could be ‘US’ or ‘THEM’, no one knows.

We will all cross borders, boundaries in our lives".

Waste objects
2016, variable sizes, wall/floor installation of 140 objects
fabric, found embroideries, laquered paint

Trash paintings ## 1-6
2013, 40 x 40 x 4 cm each, collage on canvas
paper, fabric, acrylic paint

Illegal dump
2017, H116 x W216 cm, wall hanging
fabric, silk scarf, found embroideries, paper, latex paint, acrylic paint

Uncollected litter
2017, H125 x W105 cm, wall hanging
fabric, found embroideries, paper, latex paint, acrylic paint

Leftwing hobby
2017, H115 x W88 cm, wall hanging
found fabric, plastic, found embroideries, paper, latex paint, acrylic paint, ink

Down the drain
2017, H114 x W73 cm, wall hanging
fabric, plastic, found embroideries, paper, latex paint, acrylic paint


© Mirjam Pet-Jacobs