August 2019

QA exhibitions are off

Both new exhibitions of the international group Quilt Art, Material Evidence and Traces, and a beautiful new accompanying book (more than a catalogue) have had a successful launch. Well-received, well-visited and with some sales we are happy to proceed. For next venues and dates, please visit the QA website (the book can be acquired there too) or the homepage of my website.

19_QA-MatEv_Menier_Mirjam(700)Installation view of Material Evidence at Menier Gallery, London, June 2019.
From left to right, work by Fenella Davies, Eszter Bornemisza, Janet Twinn, Yael David-Cohen en Mirjam Pet-Jacobs.

19_QA-Traces_Birmingham(700)Installation view of Traces at the Festival of Quilts Birmingham, August 2019.
From left to right work by Sara Impey, Yael David-Cohen, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs. Small works by Yael David-Cohen, Sara Impey and Fenella Davies.