June 2018

6th Riga International Textile and Fibre Art Triennial 2018

6 June - 9 September 2018, Exhibition Hall ARSENALS, Riga, Latvia

16_Women on a north bank of a river(700)
16_Women on the north bank(700)Women on the north bank of a river, 2016, exhibited in the 6th Riga International Textile and Fibre Art Triennial 2018

This installation of 43 objects is inspired by the duality of yin and yang: everything is connected, not one without the other.
The title is a combination of yin – the female principle in nature; negative; passive; black – and yang – the north bank of a river (the sunny side); positive; active; white.
About half of the objects have tops covered in white lacquer paint, the other half black lacquer paint. The red inside stands for unity, the differently coloured bottom edges symbolise diversity.
The objects are shaped and stiffened to portray different human characteristics like shyness, braveness, strength, weakness, humbleness, and brazenness.

"This project will reveal the mutual relation between artist and society today, and will accentuate national or ethnographic roots of different cultures. The theme IDENTITY will unfold in a wide range of aspects: historical, social, artistic, personal, philosophical."