My mixed media work focuses on transitional situations. We have to cross borders, or we might try to avoid them. What do we leave, what are we taking with us? Transgression, changes, time passing: how do we perceive all this? How do we deal with change? Can we understand it?
How can we keep ourselves, the world and thus the future healthy and safe?

I like to use discarded fabric, like old embroideries, scraps and other ‘useless’ materials to visualise my reflections. Usually taken for granted, it has probably more than any other material the enormous capacity to evoke recognition and resonate in us.


Miniartextil Como 2023 'DENUNDARE FEMINAS VESTIS'
Ma Donna 1
2023, August 5 - September 3, Chiesa di San Pietro in Atrio, Como, I

Kunstroute Open Stal, Oldeberkoop, NL
Transgression, solo exhibition
2023, July 29 - August 27, Galerie Hawar, Oldeberkoop, NL

QA - Following the thread
Echoes 1-2, 2021
2023, June 17 - September 10, Tuchfabrik, Esch-Sauer, Luxembourg
More to come

7th International Riga Textile and Fibre Art Triennial "QUO VADIS?"
Edgelander, 2020
2023, June 15 - September 17, Art Museum "Riga Bourse", Riga, LV

QA - Material Evidence
Can we leave things as they are, 2018
2023, April 1 - July 9, Hub, Sleaford, UK
More to come