Graduation show Academie Arendonk, B

22_Arendonk afstudeer expo(72)
June 2022 - After 5 years of drawing and 2 years of specialisation in drawing I finally graduated from Academie Arendonk, Belgium.
The selected works shown here (mixed media collages with paper and textiles) have been made over a longer period during the specialisation. I chose them based on a common aspect that connects them on a deeper level: a combination of 'closedness' and 'openness' while retaining a kind of lightness. And, important, not to overfill the wall and position the works in an interesting way. We had some training in this too.
The row at the bottom of the wall shows a series of photos I made of the - not yet finished - renovation of our new old house, showing a basic mood, rather than a direct inspiration source. On second thoughts I would have preferred to put them a bit farther away on an another wall, but that was not possible.
I'm curious to find out where my post-graduate path will lead me to. It will surely contain fabrics…

QA - Traces Veenwouden

21_QA-SchierstinsOverview of the QuiltArt expo Traces at De Schierstins, Veenwouden, NL. Until December 12th.

Panta rhei - art in the woods

As promised I would show a bit of the changes of the Panta rhei panels. In all, I am very satisfied with the result. Hanging in sun, rain, wind and storm, the colours of the fabric changed from strong to soft, some dramatically during the process, these were the inks. The paints on the plastic were sturdier, with the textile paints washing off better than the gouache paints.
The panels had held themselves very well, even survived a storm during which some panels turned around their hanging poles. Easy to fix, nothing was damaged.

21_Panta rhei_Kunstsmullen_first dayPanta rhei the first day - October 3
21_Panta rhei_last dayPanta rhei the last day - October 31
Panta rhei_3 steps(72)October 7 - October 15 - October 23 (one week in between each step)

Art in the woods

21_Panta rhei_Kunstsmullen(72)Panta rhei, 2021, 15 panels H300 x W50 cm each

Close to the entry deadline I decided to make an outdoor work for Kunstsmullen 2021 Heeze. It was so wonderful that we could exhibit again after this bleak and empty artless period. Two years before I had already thought about the concept intended for an outdoor work, so now I could finally execute it. Which meant making samples, samples and samples…

The idea behind Panta rhei, Greek for 'everything streams', meaning that nothing will stay as it is, that everything will change in the course of time. I have explored this theme by dyeing textiles and painting plastic with non fixed paints and dyes, not making use of chemicals or heat. Rain would slowly (or faster) change the fabrics and plastic, natural inks like Bister or Quinck washing out quickly, Procion and gouache a bit slower. No acrylics of course.
3 weeks for this process to happen could very well be too short, but then, only one big downpour might do it for me. Part of the process is making photos of the installation during the exhibition. I'll post the process in due time.

The installation itself was challenging, getting three 3 m long panels on battens at about 3.5 m in the trees and lifting both sides at the same time. With good help we managed. And I have overcome a slight fear of heights on ladders.

21_Panta rhei_Kunstsmullen_hanging(72)

Material Evidence at Museum Kantfabriek Horst

21_ME-Horst_overview(72)Material Evidence, QuiltArt's large travelling exhibition is on show at Museum Kantfabriek Horst, NL, until September 25, 2021. Dirkje, Jette and I have been able to attend the opening.
The accompanying book with lots of background information and all the works is available at there too. Please support the museum and us by buying it!
We are so happy that the museums have opened up again in the Netherlands!

Visitors are very welcome in a time slot, check the museum's website. It's worth a visit, apart from temporary exhibitions, the museum shows a wonderful history of the lace making industry.