Panta rhei - art in the woods

As promised I would show a bit of the changes of the Panta rhei panels. In all, I am very satisfied with the result. Hanging in sun, rain, wind and storm, the colours of the fabric changed from strong to soft, some dramatically during the process, these were the inks. The paints on the plastic were sturdier, with the textile paints washing off better than the gouache paints.
The panels had held themselves very well, even survived a storm during which some panels turned around their hanging poles. Easy to fix, nothing was damaged.

21_Panta rhei_Kunstsmullen_first dayPanta rhei the first day - October 3
21_Panta rhei_last dayPanta rhei the last day - October 31
Panta rhei_3 steps(72)October 7 - October 15 - October 23 (one week in between each step)